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Eudora Light to Eudora (Windows)

If you've moved to the current version of Eudora from an older version of Eudora or Eudora Light, some of the visual changes may be disconcerting. Below are a couple tips how to modify the user-interface to make it more comfortable for you.

Turning off the Preview Pane

Tools: Options: Viewing Mail.  Uncheck _Show Message Preview Pane_

The Message Preview Pane shows the key headers and message body without having to open the message.

To turn off the Preview Pane, from the Tools menu, choose Options. Scroll down and select Viewing Mail. Uncheck the box next to Show Message Preview Pane. Click OK.

Viewing Download/Send Status

Tools: Task Status.

The Task Status window displays sending and receiving activity as it happens.

From the Tools menu, choose Task Status. The window pictured above will appear at the bottom of your screen.

Moving/Closing the Mailboxes Window

From the top of the Mailbox window, you can drag it elsewhere or double click on it to float it. From the top of the Mailbox window, you can drag it elsewhere or double click on it to float it.

The docked Mailboxes window displays all your mailboxes. If the window does not appear, you can make it appear from the Tools menu and choosing Mailboxes.

To move the window, click on the top of the Mailbox window and drag it to another part of the screen.

To close the window, click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the Mailboxes window.

To undock the window and float the window, double click on the top of the window. The mailbox will change (as pictured above) - you can now drag and move the mailbox window.

Changing the Toolbar Buttons

Go to Tools: Display: and toggle _SHOW LARGE BUTTONS_

The toolbar buttons in Eudora are displayed as Large Buttons by default. To change this, go to Tools and select Display. Uncheck Show Large Buttons and click OK.

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