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Filters: Troubleshooting

Document ID: 1665HQ


I have filters in Eudora but they're not working.


If your filters are not working, try these things:

1. Check the Filter Tutorials and make sure that you're creating the filters properly. If you're on Windows, read it at If you're on Macintosh, read it at

2. Open up your Filters window and check the hierarchy of the filters. Eudora runs through the filters from Top to Bottom. Just because a message matches the first filter, it doesn't mean that it won't be filtered by other filters. For example:

  • From: Contains: myaddress --- Action: Make Label: RED

  • From: Contains: my ---Action: Make Label: BLUE

In the example above, any message with myaddress is going to be made BLUE. While the first filter makes the message Red, the second filter changes it again and makes it Blue. To fix these filters above, we need to use the Skip Rest command. Change the filters to look like this:

  • From: Contains: myaddress --- Action: Make Label: RED; Action: SKIP REST

  • From: Contains: my ---Action: Make Label: BLUE; Action: SKIP REST

Now if the From: field contains myaddress, it will be made Red. If the From: field only contains my, then it will be made Blue.

3. Are you trying to make a filter that will Redirect or Forward messages to another e-mail address? If these filters aren't working, are these messages coming from a mailing list? If the message has a header Precedence: Bulk, then the Filters will not Redirect or Forward the message. The Precedence: Bulk header is added by many mailing lists to prevent accidental mail loops. If you have a message that won't Redirect or Forward automatically, open that message, click the BLAH BLAH BLAH button, and look for the Precedence: Bulk header. There are instructions on how to bypass this security feature - but we HIGHLY recommend against it.

4. Are you having trouble filtering outgoing messages? Make sure that you understand that Outgoing Filters are applied AFTER a message is sent. So for example, you cannot use Outgoing Filters to change your Personality.

5. If you've checked all the above and your filters still won't work, try creating a single test filter. Make the filter a Manual filter, then make it something very simple. Have it search Any Header for your e-mail address. Make the Action: Open: Message. Save your changes. Now highlight a message, then go to Special: Filter Messages. If it works, compare this filter to ones that aren't working and see if you can find what is not working.

6. If you've checked all the above and your filters still won't work, make sure that you have not added any spaces at the end of the text that you have pasted into your filters. If an extra space is inserted into the text of a filter there is a good chance that the item the filter is looking for will not be found. For example: if you are checking for an email address like and you have an extra space after then the filter will not identify that email address when new messages are received because no space will be after the email message when it comes into Eudora.


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