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Mood Watch
Flag offensive flame-mail with MoodWatch

MoodWatch™ is a new language tool that acts as an emotion monitor for your email that flags aggressive language and calls it to your attention. MoodWatch can detect aggressive, demeaning or rude language in the email you send and receive by looking at both individual words and complete phrases.

At its core, MoodWatch is a document classification system, which "reads" your email and rates it, allowing you to process your email more efficiently. If you really want to dig into the underlying concepts, read the white paper.

Research has shown that "people behaved irresponsibly more often in email than they did in face to face conversations."1 But you already knew that, right? MoodWatch won't stop you from acting irresponsibly in email, it will just let you know when you might be about to send a message you'll regret. Using our 3 chili pepper scale, Eudora gives you a way to gauge how hot the contents of an email might be:

Better hope you know the person Better hope you know the person
Watch out, you're playin' with fire chilis here Watch out, you're playin' with fire chilies here
Whoa, this is the kind of thing that might get your keyboard washed out with soap Whoa, this is the kind of thing that might get your keyboard washed out with soap

  • Warns you if your drafted email contains potentially offensive language
  • Alerts you to potentially offensive incoming messages
  • Graphically monitors tone on a graduated scale
  • Visual indicator is conveniently located in the user interface
  • And it's a whole lot of fun - maybe you're the sort who will wear the chilies with defiant pride.
Q: So, Eudora is going to censor my mail?
A: No. MoodWatch is only a guideline for your personal use. Eudora will let you send whatever email you like; it will just try to make sure you really mean to do it.

Q: Will MoodWatch correct my grammar?
A: Nope. MoodWatch just notifies you that a message contains language that might be considered offensive to some. You will need to look at it and decide for yourself if it needs to be revised.

Q: Does this thing get ticked off if I use a few profanities?
A: Yes, and so does your mother.

Q: What if I get sick of it?
A: Turn it off.

Q: If I don't use nasty words, will MoodWatch still notify me?
A: MoodWatch looks at both individual words and phrases that are commonly considered offensive, dictatorial, aggressive, insulting and rude. You don't have to write a nasty word to get a chili pepper, but it helps.

Q: As long as I avoid commonly used offensive language MoodWatch will miss it, so what's the point?
A: The point is, at least you were being careful about what you wrote. That's something.

Remember, MoodWatch is just a tool. It's not a replacement for common sense, and you can fool it. It's just there to help you think twice before telling your boss off.

1) Sproull, L. & Kiesler, S. (1986) Reducing social context cues: electronic mail in organizational communication. Management Science, 32 (11): p1509

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